Visits to Carlyle Gardens Retirement Resort

Our first visit to Carlyle Gardens Retirement Resort at Townsville was on Monday 28 July 2008. This gave us an initial overview of the Carlyle Gardens retirement resort.

Carlyle Gardens Open Day

We found most about Carlyle Gardens, Townsville at the Carlyle Gardens Retirement Resort Open Day commencing on Saturday 6 September 2008. The Open Days seem a good way to get an idea of all the facilities at Carlyle Gardens, Townsville. Open days also let you see what houses at Carlyle Gardens, Townsville are like.

Third Visit Carlyle Gardens

Our third visit to Carlyle Gardens, Townsville was in late November 2008. We were making our deposit on our new home at the retirement village. Plus we were taking a good look at how much progress was being made on the construction of the new home. About as expected really, with what we think will be a very tight deadline for the builder.

Carlyle Gardens Xmas Party 2008

Xmas party at Carlyle Gardens Retirement Resort , Townsville, during our fourth visit on Tuesday 16 December 2008.

We were basically checking on progress in construction of our new home. Our new home in Stage A of Carlyle Gardens was due to be complete on Friday 19 December. How close was it? Not bad, but more stuff than would likely be completed before Xmas (after which builders tend to disappear for a fair while). We went to New Zealand in February 2009, with construction still close to complete. We took possession of our new home in early March 2009, a few days after we returned from overseas, and moved to Carlyle Gardens in mid March 2009.